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Our #CatsGaveBack $499 during Giving Day 2020! Thank you to all our amazing donors!

Data Fest would not be able to happen without the support of the following people and organizations

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Terabyte Sponsors

Supporting and enriching Northern California's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and providing startups the resources they need to succeed. Our platform includes shared office amenities, mentoring, workshops, internships, tech talks, student to business projects, entrepreneurial events, think tanks, satellite office programs and anything else that helps our core mission of helping startups succeed. https://chicostart.com/
Supporting the R community, the R Foundation and organzations developing, maintaining, and distributing R software. The central mission of the R Consortium is to work with and provide support to the R Foundation and to the key organizations developing, maintaining, distributing and using R software through the identification, development and implementation of infrastructure projects. Learn more about them at https://www.r-consortium.org/

Gigabyte Sponsors

The Center for Enterprise Systems and Informatics Research (CESIR) helps equip tomorrow's IT professionals with the unique blend of resources, skills, and abilities needed to confidently and competently tackle important business challenges. Our vision is to “Empower students, faculty, and the community to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution era,” the age of robotics, AI, IoT, VR, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, nano-biotech, quantum computing, etc. See more at https://www.csuchico.edu/cob/students/beyond-classroom/cesir.shtml.
Employee owned lumberyard that has been serving home owners and contracters in Northern California since 1973. Learn what they have to offer at https://www.paylessbuildingsupply.com/